Express Catering

Ettore’s Express Catering offers a delicious array of breakfast pastries, gourmet box lunches, fresh sandwich platters, and of course desserts. Ettore’s is the perfect option for office lunches, corporate breakfast meetings, or your special event.




Whole Quiche

Order ahead and serve at home to "wow" your family or guests for breakfast or brunch. Made in-house every morning, we use farm-fresh eggs and our light and flakey crust, along with an assortment of vegetables, cheeses, and meats. Please choose from available flavors.

Three Cheese - $28.95
Three Cheese + HOT - $28.95
Three Cheese + COLD - $28.95
Meat Quiche - $28.95
Meat Quiche + HOT - $28.95
Meat Quiche + COLD - $28.95
Vegetable Quiche - $28.95
Vegetable Quiche + HOT - $28.95
Vegetable Quiche + COLD - $28.95
Quiche Lorraine - $28.95
Quiche Lorraine + HOT - $28.95
Quiche Lorraine + COLD - $28.95

Java Box

Bring a Java Box to your next office meeting. Choose from one of our four organic fresh-brewed coffees. The Java Box includes coffee cups, creamers, sugar packets and stirrers, and serves 10-12 people.

with Cups, Creamer, Sugar - $24.95

Catering Mini Breakfast Pastry Platter

Small Mini Platter (14 Pieces) - $30.95
Large Mini Platter (28 Pieces) - $56.95

Catering Breakfast Pastry Platter

Small Pastry Platter (14 Pieces) - $47.95
Large Pastry Platter (28 Pieces) - $90.95

Salad Bowls

Each salad bowl serves 15-20 people and comes in a ready-to-serve bowl with a large serving spoon.

Mixed Greens - $48.95
Caesar Salad - $50.95
Pasta Salad - $50.95
Fruit Salad - $59.95
Roasted Chicken Salad - $70.95

Mini Croissant Platter

Ten delicious sandwiches made with Ettore's mouth-watering buttery croissants.

Turkey and Havarti - $36.95
Chicken Salad - $36.95
Egg Salad - $36.95
Ham and Swiss - $36.95
Roasted Eggplant - $36.95

Gourmet Box Lunches

Perfect all-in-one lunches for a catered company lunch, business meeting, or family outing. Each Box Lunch includes a entree, side, and an Ettore's cookie and utensils. Choose from a variety of salads, sandwiches, and sides. Each box is individually packaged and labeled to make it easy to find yours.

Turkey on Wheat - $17.95
Prosciutto on Rustic - $17.95
Chicken Salad on Croissant - $17.95
Eggplant on Foccacia - $17.95

Sandwich Platter

A selection of Ettore's full-sized sandwiches, made fresh and arranged on a platter, ready for your guests to choose from. Build any combination of sandwich flavors for your Platter.

Turkey on Wheat - $13.95
Prosciutto on Rustic - $13.95
Chicken Salad on Croissant - $13.95

Catering Platters

Try out a Catering Platter for your next event – be it a corporate lunch, baby shower, birthday party, or even just surprise your friends with some treats for your next get together. Small platters serve 10-14. Large platters serve 15-20.

Small Fruit Platter - $65.00
Large Fruit Platter - $89.99
Small Crudite Platter - $69.00
Large Crudite Platter - $89.99
Small Charcuterie Platter - $85.99
Large Charcuterie Platter - $129.99

Catering Cookie Tray

An assortment of our cookies – from Chocolate Chip to Dipped – served up ready-to-grab on a platter.

Small (14 Cookies) - $38.00
Large (28 Cookies) - $68.00

If desired pickup date and time is less than 48 hours, please call our store at (916) 482-0708

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